Alicia Alvarez

Detroit Latinas Design for Change

“Alvarez Designs was founded in 2020 after we designed our first
t-shirt to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter
Community,” explains Alicia.

“That gave us the confidence to continue making more clothing for social justice. We wanted to make shirts that would make bold statements and make people think and react. We love wearing our Latinas for Black Lives shirts, especially in Michigan. People always have something to say. It literally triggers some people. It catches their attention. Alo and I have had people ask us ‘Why are you wearing that?’and it gives us an opportunity to stand up for what we believe in. We’ve also had people say to us ‘Well, all lives matter,’ and that gives us an opportunity to educate. We can’t change everyones minds, but we do the best we can and we know that by wearing the shirt we are really standing up for what we believe in.”

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